Capturing the world’s best Pooja Products

Shanjana products creates divine atmosphere for your spritual journey without jeopardising health with unnecessary chemical substances.

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Why Shanjana?


Shanjana’s sambrani, essential stick, and all other pooja products are made traditionaly using natural ingredients without any chemical formula.

Shanjana Sambrani

Shanjana Sambrani the signature product of our company is formulated using high quality coconut shell charcoal and high grade frankincense specially imported from Oman, Jordan, & India. Our sambrani contains no synthetic chemicals, hence it does not have any side effects. With its unique woody aroma, it create a positive ambiance.

Shanjana Essential Sticks

Shanjana Essential Sticks are made using 25 cm joss sticks dipped in a mixtures of agarwood essential oil, raw clove and turmeric. Agarwood essential oil acts as an aromatherapy while clove and turmeric functions as air purifier.